500w powersupply with gtx 460 and phenom ii x4 945

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  1. On paper yes, it's an unknown make to me so cannot say if any good. Will not be able to sli in the future.
  2. i dont think its a very good brand. yeah i would say (even after readung the revie. its still a shoddy psu.
  3. Oh god no! The only two huntkey reviews i ever saw were at hardwaresecrets i believe and came with a video of them blowing up at 70% load. I will see if that one did better, but i doubt it. I think huntkey is on the same level as raidmax, they both make very expensive fire crackers.

    Either the picture is wrong or that PSU is not what it claims to be. As far as i can tell, huntkey doesnt have a 'balance' line of PSUs, they have a 'balance king' line but it has active PFC and the PSU in that picture doesnt so it cant be one of those so im not sure what it really is.

    Anyway, avoid it, pay more and get a good PSU that you dont have to worry about having blow up on you. Try to get a Seasonic, Antec(not a basiq), or Corsair.
  4. they sed the 450w one blew up, but this one was okso i thought they made this one better
  5. and i dont need it for sli, just overclocking a bit
  6. Its hard to say if this one is good like someone else said the one tested by hardware secrets had active PFC by looking at the pic on EBUYER it does not have active PFC it could be just that its an old pic in that case if it is the balance king then its an OK power supply the only problem is that its not very efficient other wise its a pretty decent unit according to their tests.
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