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I know this gets asked a lot, but the usual response is "it depends on what you are backing up". Hopefully these extra details make it a better question, and worth asking again.

Due largely (solely) in part to this website, I have decided to build my first desktop. The parts are are currently sitting in the UPS facility just a few miles up the road, waiting to be delived Monday. I have the weekend to get myself ready.

I will have a 120gb SSD which I plan to use as my system drive that will hold win7 and all my programs. The rest of my data and all things that are best left off the SSD will go on a 1TB HDD, which I plan to split into 2 partitions, one for my data and one for my backups. (I will have crashplan backup that backup partition to ensure offsite copies).

My current system only has about 100gb of data on it, but lets round up and say that I need to back up 120gb. I plan to either use the built-in win7 backup utility or the Acronis software that comes with my WD HDD. I would like to make images of the 70-or-so gigs on the SSD at various times (whenever generally recommended) for restore points and then common backups of the 50-or-so gigs on the storage partition.

With that information, how much storage would you set aside for a backup partition?
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  1. Clonezilla is a Free & Open Source Software for Disk Imaging and Cloning. You can make a Full System Backup or transfer the entire contents of one drive to another if you are doing a Hard drive upgrade

    How to use Clonezilla Step By Step instructions with pictures!
  2. Thanks for the reply, nhasian, but it doesn't really answer my question.
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    I'd set aside at least a third of your hard disk if not more. You can always resize the partition later if you need to.
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