Runs crappy after switching wires around..?

okay so, my xclio case has a front end headphone and mic. my board only has one input of audio, and its labeled F_AUDIO. the cord leading from my front sound ports has HDAUDIO and AC'97 on it.
now, i messed with the configuration of these wires yesterday. when i booted my computer, things weren't right.
whenever i'd play audio and the CPU was taxed, it's would become scratchy. playing high end games was impossible. and this computer is a beast at handling prototype at full blast.
will messing with the wire config in my tower cause the CPU/audio buggy problem described? my computer ran perfectly until i decided i wanted an additional set of usb ports in the back end, and after switching wires a bit, my computer takes longer to boot, stalls in the power on process, has buggy audio, and just doesn't run right.
i checked the drivers, so this is mainly physical. everything is the same since before, and i'm working on placing the wires back into original spots.
please, feedback quickly. i miss my beast. =[
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  1. Check you motherboard's sound, if it is HD, then use the front connector labeled HD. If the audio output is not HD, use the AC97 connector. Also check the connections of any wires you may have bumped when you were moving the wires around, just to be they are firmly connected.
  2. And the grumpy old man speaks:

    "Runs crappy after switching wires around..?"

    Well, switch them back.

    Oh, you mean you didn't keep track of what you moved? :o

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