Hdd dead/dying?

I have a old (can't remember ho old) WD 320Gb My Book external HDD. It was working fine and I did a lot of rearranging and transferring of files around diff HDDs. No problems. Now when I fire up the machine the WD starts to spin up Clicks loudly and spins down. It will continue in this fashion until I unplug it. It gave no indication it was Dying. What I need to know is, could it just be something as simple as the power supply being interrupted? Can I put the drive in a new enclosure? is it the pcb board? I don't think it's mechanical. What do you suggest?

Thanks to all who read/respond
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  1. if you hear clicking, we call that the Click of Death it is time to replace the drive. you should contact the manufacturer to see if it can be replaced under warranty. Some models carry a 3 or even a 5 year warranty.
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