I5/ I7 gpu with dedicated gpu?

So I have a i5 430m CPU aka arandale, with a nvidia 360m gpu in my notebook. I was wondering if the gpu that is integrated in my CPU will work with or at all considering I have a dedicated gpu? Does is run? Does it help at all? Or just sit and let my dedicated gpu do all the work? Thanks
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  1. Yes it will work without your 360M,integrated card will be fine for non-gaming works
  2. Hmm are you sure maziar? Doesn't nvidia have it's optimus tech for switching between gpus? It was my assumption that unless the notebook had optimus that the dedicated card would do all the work.
  3. Well that depends on whether the notebook has Optimus tech or not.
    But there are laptops like M17x which don't have optimus and their config is like a HD 4870 as the main card and a 9400GT as an integrated card and you always can switch between them
  4. Soo hey, i ended up calling the geek squad and I found out the i5 gpu sits stolid while the nividia 360 takes up all the work... I would have to select which gpu i wanted in the BIOS.
  5. I wouldn't count on the geek squad to be accurate. They may be right but you would be better off contacting the manufacturer to learn whether your notebook uses Optimus or not.
  6. yeah, i went to the asus website, and the g60-jx is not equpped with optimus. In order to have optimus, you need an Nvidia motherboard, I have an Asus motherboard... So in case if anyone was wondering, i have to change the GPU in the bios. I cant run both at the same time, its either one or the other...

    this is the best answer!
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