Multiple hard disk causing stuck at windows boot logo

I have old Hitachi 240GB. I borrowed my friend's WD 1TB and Hitachi 1TB and plug both of them to my computer.
The problem is, if I plug 3 of them at the same time, the OS won't boot, it's stuck at the windows logo (Starting Windows). I tried to unplug the WD 1TB and it works. I thought it's the WD, but then I unplug the Hitachi 1TB and plug the WD 1TB, it works!
So whichever Hard Disk I plug, it only work if there's only two of them. I've tried to change the cable, but no luck. Is it have something to do with the BIOS or anything?

it's windows 7 btw.
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  1. something to do with your power supply not supplying enough power perhaps.
  2. I'm not sure if that's the problem.
    I saw somewhere on google doing something like this:
    A quick test a couple minutes ago, I plug only the OS Hard Disk, then shut it down. Plug the other Hard Disks, and it's booting! 3 of them detected on windows.
    But after another shut down, it won't boot anymore.

    I'm not going to do that everytime I want to use my computer :(
  3. soooo how many watts is your power supply then? you may need to get a bigger one to support your additional equipment.
  4. 500W
  5. Hi,

    These are External USB2 attached disk drives each with their own power supply? Or are these SATA drives you are plugging on the MB ?

    For USB: --

    I've seen problems like this. Make sure you PC's BIOS is current. See if you can plug the drives to different hubs.

    For SATA --

    Do you know the BOOT order for your disk drives? Any chance it's trying to boot the wrong disk? When you boot can you hit F12 early in the BIOS to get the boot menu and then select your drive to boot?

    Any events in the windows event log to explain why the boot hung (with 3 drives)? Can you boot in safe mode ?
  6. It's SATA. I did check the boot order already.
    I'll check the log and try with safe mode soon.
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