PSU Sufficient Enough?

I need to know if my current PSU can handle or will even work with my new setup I've got here.

Currently I have a this PSU Ultra X-Finity 600-watt

And this is my new system specs:

I plan on getting a new PSU soon just maybe a few weeks or so. And graphics card later.

- One 74gb WD Raptor
- One 250gb WD Caviar Black
- ASUS P6X58D Premium
- Intel Core i7-930
- CORSAIR H50 Hydro Series
- CORSAIR XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB)
- ASUS CD/DVD Burner
- Evga 7950GT 512
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  1. It's fine for your current system and will handle something like an HD 5870 or GTX 470 fine although if you're going for any CrossFireX/SLI setups later on with your newer graphics card you will want a newer PSU, and as Davcon said it's not very efficient, 70% at full load, it's 80% or so with newer PSUs that have an 80+ rating.
  2. Ok thanks for the answers guys, One more question. My old AMD board used the 4-pin connection.

    And this new motherboard seems to use the 8-pin EPS is this the one I should use on this board or should I still be using the 4-pin.
  3. Yeah it has an 8-pin but I didn't know if I needed to use that one and I didn't see anything in the manual maybe gotta look harder.

    But there is a plastic guard covering four of the 8-pin on the motherboard.
  4. You'll want to remove the plastic cover and use the eight pin connector.
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