Are usb hubs a drain on your computer?

I need a few more USB ports. I have a HP Pavillion 64bit Quad. Will a USB hub hurt my computer in any way?
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  1. No? I dont even see how you could come to that conclusion lol.
  2. In terms of Power - No. Usb devices normally only take about 100 mA (max of .5 A) that equates to 0.5 W -> 2.5 W per device. For devices with higher power requirements (ie a 3 1/2 in HDD) the power is derived from a power pac (Brick).

    You could put a "Drain" on performance, ie if you were to put 4 thumb drives on one hub and try to read/write to al four at the same time you would find them to be SLOW, this is a bandwidth issue and I dought you would be doing that.
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