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I have a HP Pavilion d4650e that I need to retrieve info off of. Can you tell me the best one for me and what are the specs I need? Also is a docking enclosure a good choice?
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  1. Can you give a few more details ?

    The HP Pavilion d4650e is a desktop system that came with a "160.0 GB - none. - Serial ATA-150 " hard drive.

    You could take the drive and the sata cable from the HP Pavilion d4650e, go to a second desktop and plug in the sata cable to a sata port in the MB of the second computer, plug in a power connector from teh second computer's pwoer supply and jsut read the data. I sometimes do this by borrowing the power and sata cable from the CD/DVD drive in teh second computer so all you need to do is plug the drive in. The drive does not need to be screwed into the case. Free and fast.

    You could buy a simple SATA to USB cable with power to temporarily attach the drive.

    Or you can buy an enclosure for permanent USB attach of the drive.
  2. Thank you. I bought an external HD enclosure from Newegg as was suggested from a duplicate post of this post. Not sure why it posted 2x. I have not tried it yet but hopefully it will work for my needs to get data off the HD.
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