Motherboard/bios issue?

Hey everybody, I just built a pc for the first time and have encountered an issue I don't know how to resolve. After I enter BIOS I try to install the OS (windows disc in cdrom) and receive a "disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter" message. I've tried setting the hdd and the cdrom each as first in boot priority to no effect. I don't see the hdd posting anywhere in the bios, and in frustration changed to AHCI and it recognized the cdrom drive but not the hdd, and even started installing windows before hanging at the startup screen. I read through the gigabyte sticky thread and tried the "load optimized defaults", which didn't seem to have an effect.

On booting the comp, the cdrom does spin and the hdd makes some clicking noises, so they both are receiving power. I double-checked the connectors and they are secure. I have a seagate 1 TB Barracuda LP harddrive and a gigabyte H67M-D2 motherboard. I posted in the hardddrive forum but only received one reply, I'm hoping someone here might have some advice for a frustrated newbie. Thanks!
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  1. Clicking noises are a sign of hardrive failure. Try a new one. Fry's had one for $40; 500gb sata II seagate bare oem, or a 1 tb for around $60 if you look around.
  2. Is there any way to check via BIOS that the hdd is definitely dead? It's brand new so I'm sure I can send it in for an exchange. Hard to believe that my first ever computer build won't work because the hdd was bad out of the box, I was worried about so many things going wrong but not about the hdd.
  3. Sometimes oem drives get damaged by handling. I try to use retail boxed drives, which have more protection during the shipping process. It could be something else, but if you're sure the clicking is coming from the drive, then it's probably bad. Had the same thing happen to a friend while I was helping him load windows on his brand new drive.
  4. I called tigerdirect and setup a RMA after listening closely to the hdd one last time. It was definitely clicking a lot right away, and then going totally quiet. Hopefully the replacement will work.

    Thanks for the replies, I felt more confident sending it back for a replacement knowing that this has happened to other people. I'll be back if the replacement doesn't work, otherwise my problem is hopefully solved!
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