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I have a HP Pavilion d4650e that I need to retrieve info off of. Can you tell me the best one for me and what are the specs I need? Also is a docking enclosure a good choice?
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    I selected a good external enclosure and a good hard disk. Then I put these together. Now I have five (5) sets of these external enclosures for backups and general data storage.

    External enclosure:

    Hard Disk: Either WD or Seagate - 1 TB

    I tend to stay away from docking enclosures because of the mode in which it is used.
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  3. Thanks. I bought this enclosure but have not used it yet. I'm hoping it will work for my needs of getting data off HD.
  4. Thank you! All five (5) of mine are working fine. I use them for frequent and regular backups, and also for data storage, and to transfer data from one computer to another.

    They are very well built and have a fan which can be turned OFF if not needed.
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