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Product key for existing disk for Windows XP Professional P2 recovery disk

I have a manufacturer disk (Mecer/Posiflex) Windows XP Professional SP2 recovery disk with part no. X12-35540-MUS01. I am now trying to install the same disk on my PC, but newed the product code. I was never issued this ionfomation on purchase. Please help?
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    the product key is either already included in the Recovery CD and does not need to be entered, or it is on the sticker on the computer the CD came with.

    This forum will NOT provide any Product Keys of any kind since it is against the forum's rules
  2. Recovery disks are tied to the machine they came with; you cannot use them to install on another machine. Two reasons: 1) It's a licensing violation. 2) The disk doesn't have drivers for the other machine. It's not an OS disk.
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