QNAP 219P II vs Synology DS212 vs ReadyNas Ultra 2???

I am in the market shopping for NAS. My setup is below
1. Macbook air with limited space (1GB)
2. Windows laptop
3. PS3 for games and media streaming.

More than 2 TB of movies,music and photos. And photos I will be sharing with my family overseas. I also do a lot of streaming(netflix,hulu,vudu etc) and also need a space to save all my data.

Options I have
Netgear ReadyNas Ultra 2 - Intel single atom,1 GB ram, USB 3.0
QNAP 219P II - Marvell 2.0 ghz,512 mb ram, USB 3.0
Synology DS212 - Marvell 1.6 ghz, 256 mb ram, USB 3.0

Tried demo for all the above 3. Synology>QNAP>ReadyNas. But hardware wise its just the opposite.

What I am looking for is (preference in same order) - performance,feature,support

Again,mostly I will be using the NAS for downloading and streaming media. Any thoughts on performance of the above 3? Thanks,
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  1. Guys,

    Any help will be appreciated.Unable to decide.
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