New Mobo for an old CPU Pentium D830

Is there an easy method to cross reference this CPU (a Pentium D 830) to available motherboards? I am helping a friend repair his computer and he needs a new Motherboard but would like to keep his CPU if possible.

Thanks for your help.
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    There are still a good bit of boards around that can run the older 775 Pentium 4's. Note that once you change the motherboard a fresh copy of windows has to be installed also if your system is an OEM like Dell, Gateway, HP to name a few the copy of windows that came with the computer will not work since it is tied to that original motherboard.

    GIGABYTE GA-G41M-ES2H $49.99

    This is the cheapest motherboard I could find that will work with the Pentium D 830 the problem with the old Pentium D's was that they were very power hungry and the cheaper boards then this one could not handle CPU's over 105watts the Pentium D 830 is 130 watt CPU.

    I would not suggest really putting too much into that old system since you could get something 10 times as fast for around $100-$150 for motherboard and CPU.

    ASRock K10N78 AM2+/AM2

    AMD Athlon II X3 445
    Total $144.98

    Its just something to think about since its so not worth putting the money into that dead EOL system.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I agree with your advice and may have him convinced to upgrade. His computer is "only" two years old and it has been hard to explain how much has happened in the last two years.

    Also, thank you for the link to the Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2H. that was my second recommendation to him. But I dould only find a total of 4 boards that could handle the power hungry 830 (yeah, 130 watts).

    But I came here because I was not confident of my advice. Perhaps there was something I had missed. It seems to me the industry or some forum should compile a listing of CPU vs motherboards. For now, I have scoured motherboards to find the few who still support the Intel 830.

    Of course it all become moot if he accepts our advice to upgrade.
  3. Follow up regarding Windows installation on a new motherboard.

    I was able to use his Dell re-install disk on an interim non-Dell motherboard (an ECS G41T-M). It asked for the product key and I used the one on the COA attached to his Dell case. It worked and validated. I think this is in the EULA from Microsoft that your license to Windows XP is valid on new motherboards in the same case. You may need to call Microsoft I did not.
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