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when choosing a pci video card how do i know which one i need 16mb, 32mb, 64mb 256mb i just cant figure that out
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  1. well what are you using it for?

    the amount of vRAM doesn't actually indicate how powerful the card is.
    if you are gaming, you need at least 256mb and then will only be able to play at low resolutions.

    if you just want video playback though, then you dont really need any vRAM as shared system memory will do the job.
  2. These days, I wouldn't get anything less than 256MB of memory.
    Here is a good card... I have used many of these over the years.
  3. i was trying to use for just video playback, i forgot to metion the motherboard in this computer is 10 years old if that matters, ive tried to use this one here without any luck, ATI Radeon 9000 64MB PCI Video Card dual VGA monitors. I DISABLED THE display adapter of the computer so there is no conflict between the orignal n the radeon after i tried just a stright install but nothing
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