Is Acer E415SM supports geforce 9 series?

to all ,, i would like to ask a help from you guys, is Acer E415SM supports geforce 9 series? currently im using geforce 6200 gt and wants to upgrade to 9 series.. im in pentium D 915.. is their a need to replace also my current processor to have this run with the 9 series or the video card only that i should replace it? please do help me.. thanks
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  1. As long as the system has an open PCI E slot then it will work, but it looks to me that the system is really outdated and only has an AGP slot so in that case no a Geforce 9 series will not work also on top of that those systems only came with a 250 watt PSU which is not enough for a 9 series card so that would need to be upgraded too.
  2. so far.. what is your suggestions? because i want to play the game splinter cell, i installed it and its not supported by the geforce 6200 gt, although its working but it lags a lot..please do help
  3. Unfortunately there really isnt much you can do with your current rig you will have to upgrade your motherboard to be able to install a better video card.
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