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Earlier while I was on a computer of mine playing a game my monitor just went black. It still had power but wasn't displaying anything. I could still hear sound. I rebooted my computer which went fine but about five minutes after Windows finished loading (I could move my mouse and type etc.) the screen went black again. I rebooted again and about one minute after Windows finished loading the same thing happened.

Now after rebooting again the computer wouldn't actually boot up. The power was on, I could hear the fan etc. but nothing happened on screen. The monitor gave the message where it figured the computer wasn't on. The num lock (and other) lights on the keyboard flashed for a second but didn't stay on as it normally does. This continued for about ten tries over the course of ten minutes.

Finally the computer booted up again but the screen went black almost instantly after Windows loaded. Since then I have not had a successful boot - the computer does turn on though like I described above.

I figured this was a problem with the video card so I tried taking out the video card and booting with on-board video. It boots up at the start, but gives a "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER" message and doesn't continue. I can go into BIOS and in the boot order I don't see my hard drive listed as it normally is. It has CD as the second priority but the first is empty and I can't set it as my HD. Nowhere in BIOS can I see my HD detected at all.

The computer is about two years old. I can't check the video card on another computer I have because the connection cord is different in the computer.

Does anyone know what the problem is?
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  1. Do like you are doing with trying the on-board video, but before you go any further unplug and reset the bios by taking the batt out of motherboard for a few minutes then check all the cables going to the drives to make sure they are all connected then try to boot see what happens post back.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm still getting the same problems. Here are some screens from the BIOS if it helps.

    Thanks again.

    Edit: Oh I almost forgot.. I tried moving the RAM around and changing it with some from my other computer. My other computer works fine with the RAM and it didn't change anything on the broken computer.
  3. Ok, an update. I'm currently using the on-board video but I was able to get the computer to fully boot up into windows. I was looking at some more cords inside the computer and I saw one the could go into the hard drive but was not in it. I plugged that in, and after a few attempts I was able to boot. However, the cord I plugged in took enough force to plug in that I doubt it had just "fallen out" on its own. Also, when I plugged it in it still took a few boot attempts to actually boot up. It is also still not working with the video card, so I will try some more stuff there.
  4. After more tests I'm pretty sure it's the video card. The times the computer wasn't working when I was using on-board video seem to be because the video card was still in the computer. The monitor cable wasn't attached but I guess that still affected it.

    I've kept the mystery plug in the hard drive although the more I plug and unplug it the more I'm convinced it simply could not have come out on its own. I get the "DISK BOOT FAILURE..." error when it's not plugged in though.

    So to summarize; with the video card in, the computer turns on and all the fans spin but it doesn't boot up. The monitor acts as though the computer is off.

    From this I have two questions;
    1. Does it sound like the video card is dead?
    2. What is happening when the monitor is plugged into the on-board video and the video card is installed. Does the computer still assume that you want to use the video card? The fan on the video card spins during this.

    Thanks again for the help.
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