128 GB Crucial M4 $104.00

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  1. Not a fan of ocz but a decent deal.
  2. Yeah, the the M4 is a better deal at $104 than that OCZ.
  3. Yet, no difference in real world apps :P

    Not worth the extra $30.
  4. yeah i purchased an OCZ petrol at staples, used one of those 25 off 75 coupons..mine was 120gb, it was DOA, then my replacement died after 2 months, my RMA from OCZ took over a month. Lots of problems with older OCZ drives. Heard nothing but praise for the newer OCZ drives, though (vertex 3/4 etc)

    This is actually not a good price, the 128gb M4 has been way cheaper before, it's also only $89.99 at right now..see link

    Also, if you are patient enough, the 256gb M4's will go on sale again soon, my 256GB M4 was only $169.99 at newegg last month.
  5. I'd rather buy from the egg!
  6. Get the Crucial M4 it's reliable fast and well worth $104
  7. Plus 1 ^
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