2x 8800GT vs HD 5850


I have the following configuration atm:

AMD 64 Athlon x2 5200+
4gb RAM DDR2 800

I have a dilemma, I've been trying to solve for a couple of days now, here goes:

Another 8800GT will cost me 136$
A totally new HD5850 will cost me around 300$

Performance wise, how far are 2x8800GT SLI behind a single HD 5850?

Link to benchmarking would be very much appreciated.
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  1. An 8800GT SLI will perform worse than an HD5850. There aren't any valid links for this comparison, as drivers are extremely outdated for nVidia.

    An HD5850 is close to 2xHD4850. An HD4850 ~= An 8800GTS, not a GT.

    Also, your processor will bottleneck either configuration. Seeing as how you have 4GB DDR2-800, you could go with a simple mobo + CPU upgrade (785G + Athlon II x3?).
  2. not 100% sure but wouldnt an extra 8800 gt use more power than 1 hd 5850??
    also if you pay a little more for a 5870 the performance would be greater!
  3. Sorry for the double-post, but I forgot to add that the 8800GT is the 512mb version, now 256.

    I'm not sure that my Motherboard will support an x3 CPU, I will need to check this.

    Also if we're talking about a complete PC revamp, then I'd just go with buying a completely new PC with a new m/b, ram, video, cpu etc

    The 5200+ isnt a bad CPU as far as I know and in games CPU isnt that important, or is it? Are you sure it will bottleneck the 2x8800GTs?
  4. Your CPU will bottleneck an HD4890/HD5830. I'd say that's where an 8800GT Crosfire would perform.

    Also, you don't need new RAM. DDR2-800 is quite normal, and you won't see any benefits.

    An athlon ii x3 will run you $70, and a $80 mobo will be fine for OC'ing and an HD5850.
  5. A 8800Gt will cost you $136? Man, can't you get one on eBay for like $50? $136 will get you a single 5770 512MB.

    Here is a link to a Tom's chart that compares both setups. The (2) 8800 GT's in SLI gives a single 5850 a good run. In most cases it comes up a little short or slightly behind, in a few it beats it out slightly.


    If it's a $50 upgrade, I would get a 2nd 8800GT if you want a cheap good upgrade. If you are going to fork over $136 I would sell your 8800 and just get the 5850.
  6. ^I guess it doesn't like a link full of []'s just copy and past the http:// part
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