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I put my build up here a few days ago, got a lot of replies, did some thinking and now I'm back with v2 of this build! Lemme know what you think about it!

As this is a budget build I gotta stay below or around 1800$/1243£ (14000SEK) so if you've got suggestions on improvements please keep this in mind and also remember that computer hardware is generally more expensive in Sweden than in the US/UK. Also to see if the product you're thinking about is available where I live you can just search for the product name on http://www.prisjakt.nu and if it shows up I'm able to buy it =)

This computer will generally be used for gaming and perhaps some Photoshop/Dreamweaver.

I hope this is enough info for you to get a general overview of the build and thanks in advance for the feedback :)
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  1. Firstly I would go with the Samsung SPinpoint F3 1TB HDD, not a big difference really but it is the most popular HDD due to price and performance.

    Secondly, if possible I would go with G Skill RAM, again for its price and performance

    Also, if you are mainly a gamer, I would consider saving money by dropping down to an i5 750 with a P55 mobo, this measn you also only need Dual Channel RAM. In terms of gaming performance you lose next to nothing but save a lot of money. The biggest downside to going to i5 is that P55 XFire is only x8/x8 instead of the full x16/x16 on X58 boards. Obviously if you do not XFire then it is irrelevant, but even if you do, the actualy performance loss is minimal - I believe 4% at worst, and frankly, XFiring 2 5870s...well, by the time that kind of performance loss is noticable then your system will be so old you are likely considering a new one anyway (4+ years at least I would say). Course, me personally, I always prefer to just by a more powerful card than XFire weaker cards anyway as it is more constant
  2. I've compared the F3 to the Caviar and they're pretty equal in some tests but I reckon the Caviar is a bit faster so I sticked with it, G Skill RAM isn't available in Sweden and I chose the i7 CPU cuz I want a system that I can upgrade over time. And when it comes to Graphic cards I mainly chose this one cuz it was in my budget range and cuz I can easily just add another 5870 or get a new card when it needs improving.
  3. I certainly have no issue with the graphics card, would love one myself!

    My concern with the i7 choice for upgrading...would you be planning on upgrading your new system anytime soon? I ask because an i5 750 will last a good 3 years or so (as would an i7 of course) so, by the time any upgrading is worth thinking about both the i5 and the i7 sockets are going to be obsolete anyway. Technology moves fast and I believe there have already been mentions of the 'next thing'
  4. Well as the i9 will fit in the 1366 socket I'd like to have my options open if the i9 turns out to be a must-buyer. Also the mobo has some more features to it than the older socket ones have.
  5. It's fair enough, if it fits within your budget and you want it then go for it. I was merely showing the otherside of the arguement. Getting an i7 certainly isn't a bad thing :)
    If the i7 meant you were having to compromise on your graphics card I would certainly be trying to push you away from it, but if you can afford in the i7 and a 5870 then why not indulge yourself
  6. Yeah I understand =P And tbh I haven't really looked into that part except for considering the 860 for a short while but at the end I felt like I wanted the newest technology for it to last as long as possible. Atm I don't know how long I'll keep this computer but I want my options open =)
  7. Overall good build

    here are some changes:

    1. faster ram as already mentioned and a newer mobo with sata3 and usb3
    like this one http://www.prisjakt.nu/produkt.php?p=593848 its the directreplacement of the p6t btw
  8. Thanks a lot for that mobo tip! Really helped. But sup with the faster ram? I'm not really an overclocker so what are the advantages with faster ram except for OCing?
  9. ram is constantly used in everything. It will simply speed up most activities.
  10. Well in all the reviews I've read everyone keeps saying that not even 1600MHz is needed if you're not going to overclock... I only upgraded to 1600MHz cuz I got it at a good price.
  11. Maybe they mean that the default speed on most mobos isn't the one the ram specifies but the one the cpu speciefies which in your case would be 1066mhz. You can just change the speed to 1600mhz and then you'll benifit from fast ram. And that isn't technically OCing since your just running it at its specified speed so your just clocking really :p. And also the cas latency determins the speed of ram not only the mhz. Your ram has cl9 hand the one I suggested has cl7 so thats 22percent faster.
  12. Lol? 22 percent faster? When I've asked around on several forums they've said that the difference was minor.
  13. the difference in computer performance is minimal but the difference in ram speed is quite significant.
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