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I have windows 7 Home premium 32 bit and I am thinking of switching to 64bit ultimate since I added 2gb ram and now I have 4gb.I've downloaded a windows 7 ultimate 32bit and 64bit ISO file and burn it to a DvD.I was wondering When I do a clean install will I be given to choose either 32 or 64bit during the installation process?
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  1. AARRRRRRR, sounds like a pirate.
  2. If the ISO files are not Directly from the Microsoft store or TechNet, then chances are, it will probably contain a load of Malware and possible even a built in Bot which would make your system part of a BotNet.
  3. There are two separate installation kits, one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit. If you boot from the 64-bit DVD then you can only install the 64-bit version, and vice versa.
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