Question about Sandy Bridge MoBo recalls

I simply do not have time to find out what is going on so can someone please tell me....

If I have not used my ASRock p67 Extreme at all yet should i still send it in and just play the waiting game or are the "revised" SB's going to fix the problem with the SATA II ports? Help please!
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  1. Ask asrock or return it to your vender if there's no restocking fee. I have been able to get them on the phone before. They can answer your questions best. No telling what will happen to defective boards; they may be sold in the far east or some third world country. Reputable manufacturers should destroy them.
  2. My guess is they're going to be pulling the P67 chipset, and selling them as refurbished.

    ASRock P67 Extreme 4 & 6:
    There's 2 versions of the P67 Extreme. 4 x SATA3 & 6 x SATA3 {Intel SATA3 + Marvell SATA3} ; in both cases there are NO Intel SATA2 ports being used. The problem is ONLY in the Intel SATA2 ports.

    Build your rig, new updated P67 would have zero affect -- except only in your mind.
  3. The revised mainboards will no longer have the SATA issue.

    However, the SATA issue will only affect you if you actually use the SATA II ports. If you use the SATA III ports, you will be fine.

    Build your system now and enjoy Sandy Bridge for a couple of months, then when the new boards come out, RMA the broken one. That's what most users are doing.
  4. Yes, I agree the 'revised' P67/H67 will >hopefully< correct the Intel SATA2, it doesn't pertain to the OP since the Intel SATA2 ports aren't even used in the OP's MOBO. The Intel SATA3 are fine, the 'revision' doesn't change the Intel SATA3 ; lithography/circuitry.

    ...I looked at both manuals and couldn't find ANY SATA2 period being used, just the Intel SATA3 and Marvell SATA3. Therefore, what's the point in EVER sending it back to be exchanged -- assuming I didn't overlook something.
  5. You overlooked something.

    4x SATA 3.0Gbps ports <----BAD PORTS
    2x SATA3 6.0Gbps ports via Intel
    2x SATA3 6.0Gbps ports via Marvell

    4x SATA 3.0Gbps ports <----BAD PORTS
    2x SATA3 6.0Gbps ports via Intel
    4x SATA3 6.0Gbps ports via Marvell
  6. YEP, DUH they were listed in the 'Connector' section of the manual; I saw the SATA3 section and looked only for another 'SATA' section. Not to mention looking at them both at 77%.

    This ios what I told another guy facing the same problem.

    1. Build it now and later buy another with the EXPLICIT understanding of a FULL refund for the old/bad MOBO. Downtime is hours.

    2. Keep it but don't use the Intel SATA2 ports.

    3. Keep it and Buy a SATA2 Card if you've got a lot of HDDS.

    4. Return it now.

    Option 1 would be my choice, tearing down and rebuilding to me is a piece of cake. Options 2-3 least aggravating, option 4 if you want.

    What's going to be interesting is reactivating Windows, interesting in if Microsoft will simply overlook "Automatically" P67/H67 MOBO reactivations. Calling then or online just takes time.
  7. Yeppers. I will also be doing option 1.

    I thought the same thing about Windows activation aggravation, but mine activated without a hiccup using the normal activation process. I didn't have to do anything special. This version of Win7 was one I originally purchased about a year ago and had on my last system (AMD Athlon II X4 620).
  8. Yeah, I see via the CPU-Z you're up & running! :)

    The option 1 was a confirmed option from Newegg for another OP's rig used for an accountant worried about losing $ during tax season. I'm sorry this had to happen for anyone.

    Good Luck!
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