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I'm interesting in improving my graphics on eMachines e720 laptop, since I cannot enjoy any of games besides those for Nintendo emulator! :)
So, I would like an advice - are there any limitations for buying a new graphics card for my laptop, besides financial? :)

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  1. It's quite difficult to change a graphic card in a laptop, sometimes it's not possible at all.
  2. Is it possible with e720?
  3. This is quite unlikely, the e720 uses a integrated Intel GMA 4500m. Most laptops that are built with integrated graphics do not provide an updgrade path for the graphics.
  4. kemal said:
    Is it possible with e720?

    I am going to say no on a 99% sure assumption. The only laptops that I know of which can have graphics cards upgraded are the SUPER expensive ones that allow SLI and Crossfire. Those are ridiculously expensive.

    Laptops are designed to be small and portable. They cram as many parts as they can on a single board including the video. Sometimes it is a separate card that holds the GPU, but this is still proprietary.

    Upgrade laptop graphics = New Laptop.
  5. I agree with everything jay2tall has told you.

    Even if it were possible, they would more than likely charge an arm and a leg for a new mobile gpu.

    As ^^ laptop is the only option

  6. Too bad... :-/ Ok, thanks.
  7. ^
    Gaming laptops aren't cheap. They do have some deals that you can find. I've seen some ASUS laptops that run $1000USD that have what you need for gaming, but a desktop is always cheaper, faster, and more upgradable.

    mobile gaming will cost you.
  8. You should check the alienware , from what i remember you can get a nice gaming laptop for around 900-1000 bucks.
  9. Alienware machines (PC and Laptops) are overpriced in every aspect. Dell bought them and it is kind of a "premium" line now. I think their $800 base model has a Pentium, NOT EVEN A CORE2, and Nvidia M335 which I wouldn't use for gaming.

    I like the ASUS gaming notebooks, they are pretty reasonable and I like their quality. They have one for $1050 with an i7 and 5730 GPU.
  10. ^+1, ASUS is very good. Or you also can take a look of Sager and Falcon NW. Both are very good and U can build the laptop according to your needs and budget.
  11. Best Buy carries Asus, and is a nice place to look for and many people have a local store.
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