Intel equivalent of Athlon 2 X4 630 2.8ghz

Hi everyone, I'm sort of new with computers, but I need to know what the Athlon 2 X4 630 2.8ghz equals in intel ghz. I plan on getting a new PC for gaming and a considerable number of games require 3.0 ghz Intel or equivalent. I need to know if this will be fast enough.
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  1. Get an Intel quad core or a AMD quad core Phenom.

    AMD X4 965 BE.
    Intel i5 750 or i7 930.
  2. This is the description of what I have- "AMD Athlon II X4 630 quad-core processor 2.8GHz with Hyper Transport Technology"

    I don't want something better just yet, I just want to know its equivalent to intel. (ghz-wise)
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    Intel what Ghz?

    What game is it? By 3.0Ghz Intel it probably means P4, in which almost all modern CPUs would do fine. Dont worry about it, the Athlon X4 has plenty of power to run most games.
  4. As above 3GHz is Pentium 4, most games will specify a CPU as a minimum now.
    I have some that lowest is as above, but recommended is a C2D E7500.

    Plus don't worry about it, modern CPUs don't abide by the gigahertz myth.....
  5. Every new CPU save the Atoms will suffice.
  6. x4 630 is a very good gammr 2 me, unless u plan 2 run dual 5970
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