Intel C2Q 8300 vs. AMD X4 630 - for video editing?

Intel C2Q 8300 vs. AMD X4 630? For basic video editing and slide show projects using Sony Vegas 9 and Pinnacle 12 Software. Which CPU would be preferred by the group? Also... How much memory? Do I need a dedicated video card or will integrated graphic work?
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  1. Why not an i5 750 build instead of either build? It will provide the best results....

    If you have to get either of the two, I would go with the Q8300. You want at least 4GB of RAM and more the better for those apps... IMO.
  2. Hmm looking at the 2 chips they are pretty even but i think the answer is obvious:

    If you are already on an LGA 775 with some entry level dual or even single core and can find the Q8300 on the cheap then go for it else for fresh builds the sun is/has gone down on DDR2 platforms/LGA 775 so AM3/630 it is! Our very own forums repeatedly regard it as one of the best sub $100 chips hehe

    Lastly if you are a home/casual user i.e non professional IGP would work but do take note there is a huge difference in how IGP perform for 3-d animation, modelling, etc (See the Maya bench below) The HD3200 IGP was 1st introduced in 2008 on the 780G chipset by the way ^^ For an AM3/DDR3 mobo i would hit the latest 880G chipset (HD 4250 IGP) with native SATA 6GB/s and possibly USB 3 support via NEC chip
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