Best motherboard to go with an Intel I5?

Intel Core i5-760 Lynnfield 2.8GHz 8MB L3 Cache LGA 1156 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80605I5760

I am building a PC NOT for gaming or to overclock but to run multiple OS's at the same time for penetration testing (information security). I have been told a Phenom X6 is the way to go because more cores are better, but everyone is saying go with an I5...

Could someone point me in the right direction for a motherboard for this cpu? Or suggest something thats better for my purpose? the overall budget for a computer is $1000
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  1. First look PassMark scores->

    If you live close to any Micro Centers -> you can pick up an i7 950 for the same $200.

    An X58/1366 would be a better choice and the build can be done within your budget.
  2. That seems like a great deal, however isn't it a little old? Shouldnt I try to go with something a little newer?
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