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hello i have purchased an msi 790xt g45 motherboard with a destroyer case and a antec 500 watt psu amd athlonx2 5400 and would like to know what is a crossfire config that wont break the bank and will my power supply keep up .i now have a gt240 from galaxy that works great but not crossfire ready 'idont think /'thanks
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  1. There are a few kinks that need to be ironed out with your set up:

    1. The sheer difference in gaming performance moving from AM2 Brisbane/Windsor to AM3 Regor clock for clock is rather great and i would look to clock that 5400+ to near 3ghz if the intention is to pair it with a half decent modern day gaming class GPU

    2. Antec EA500 is a fine PSU but not beefy enuff to run modern GPUs in CF

    3. Look to hit just the single HD 5750/5770 and call it a day ^^
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