3 Long beeps

is all i get. what does it mean?
its the pc down below :)
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  1. Try Reseating your Ram!
  2. well, it worked for a while :).
    it had the intel logo (its an intel d955xbx mobo) then it had the win7 starting windows thing, but it never finished. instead there was a funny smell, and a HECKUVA lot of smoke came out! it set off the fire alarm in my room...the pc didnt turn off though, but kept doing it until i dove under the table and pulled the cord? and then it kept venting smoke for like 30secs. then upon opening the case it looked like there had been a fire. so i waited a minute, and plugged it in again, and now i still only get 3 long beeps. but no more smoke!
  3. well it could be the powersupply

    where was the smoke comming from, post pictures if you can

    could be motherboard, procesor and ram blown by now.
  4. well idk where the smoke was coming from. it looks like the main fire (judging by the appearance of the inside of the removable side panel), happened where the molex connector connects to the hdd cuz that was melted into a good and blackened. but my hdd sounds ok. so what do i do now? get a new pc? i mean seriously this thing is a piece of crap!
    first the psu went out, then i replaced that. then it was restarting randomly (i just ignored it), and now the damn thing cought on fire. (at least it was contained in the metal case)...
  5. heres copy+paste from the intel site

    3 beeps - ***Base 64 K memory failure

    *Reseat the memory.
    *Make sure that the contacts on the memory and the socket are clean.
    *Try removing one bank of memory modules at a time. Note: Some systems might need to have a memory module in Bank 0.
    ***Try using memory modules from the same manufacturer with the same part number and speed.
    **Check for a faulty memory module by trying the memory in a known good system.
    *Trying known good memory in the system.
    ****Check the power supply and check for power fluctuations.
    If the steps above do not resolve the problem, the desktop board may be defective. Try a different desktop board.

    *=did it
    **=didnt do it
    ***=whats it mean?
    ****=i checked the 12v and 5v with my DMM. seemed close enough (11.89, 5.05)

    what now?
  6. OMG IT WORKS NOW!!!! W00T im typing this on it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am VERY VERY Happy that my poor little computer is working again. (well little might not be the right word.)...
    anyway, i just moved the clear cmos jumper to enabled, and it went straight to the bios no beeps no nothing. i set it to defaults and then i saved, powered dwn, stuck the jumper back to normal, and now it works again!
    the smoke and the problems seemed to have no effect on the functionality...
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