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I want to use a 3.3 volt SSD drive on a desk top system; what is the best way to go from the 5 volt that the desktop will throw out to 3.3 volt?

hope you can help
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  1. I find it unlikely that an SSD is being powered by a 4 pin molex power connector. I would expect it to be a SATA power connector which would have the right pins to power that drive.
  2. Yeah, as hunter315 suggests, use the correct power supply in the first place. Trying to adapt a 5.0 VDC supply to a 3.3 VDC SSD is much too complicated for an amateur to work out without risking permanent damage to the expensive SSD unit.
  3. I know how I would do if I had to, but there's no point in encouraging the newbs to do something they really shouldn't.
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