My socket 775 mobo bit the dust... time for core i7?

Basically, here is the situation. Over the last few months, my current mobo has been freezing, crashing, and creating major problems. I checked the warrenty, and I'm no longer covered. So... I decided that now would be a good time to upgrade to a socket 1366, core i7 and ddr3. What are your thoughts?

Current Specs:
core 2 quad q9450 OC'd to 3.4 Ghz
xigmatec rifle hsf
4 gigs 1066mhz ram
1000w corsair psu
780i evga self-destroying mobo
tri sli gtx 260 core 192
antec 1200 case
samsung 1920x1080 monitor

I'm thinking about upgrading these parts but keeping everything else the same:
- core i7 930
- zalman 120mm 9900 hsf
- asus p6x58d mobo with usb 3.0
- 6 gb corsair xms3 6gb ddr3 1600
- tuniq tx-2 thermal paste

I need a new mobo, so keeping my system the same without buying at least a new mobo isn't an option. :??:
I'm leaning towards the upgrade for multiple reasons:

1. I have to replace the mobo anyway
2. given that I can sell my components that are being replaced (expect the bad mobo), the price difference over replacing the mobo is only $200.
3. Going to 2 to 3 GTX 260's didn't get much of a boost. I think a core i7 would improve things quite a bit.
4. I would have a new cpu, heatsink, motherboard, and ram rather than have 3 year old components on a new mobo.

Toughts? :hello:
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  1. Well that would work. Just keep in mind that intel's gonna release a couple new sockets next year. So as long as you don't mind needing to buy another new mobo the next time you upgrade that'd prolly work fine.

    Why is it that you're so sure it's the mobo? You sorta need to be in order to sell that stuff on ebay, especially the CPU, and be able to say that it works.
  2. You could save some money and still have better performance than what you have now by going for an i7-920.
    You can also do better than the Zalman; check out for their top-5 (actually 10) cooler lists.
  3. Next year Intel are releasing socket 2011 - to replace LGA1366..... depends on how long you want to keep your new PC
  4. Sorry that I took so long to respond... I understand that intel is going to be releasing a new socket, but to be honest, I really can't wait. My current motherboard is dying and I'm going to have to replace it one way or the other. I figure that it will only have about a $200 difference between the socket 775 mobo and the socket 1366 (once I factor in the fact that I can sell the cpu, heatsink, and ram) I think that upgrading to a core i7 is worth it given that I have to spend the money anyway.... Also, I will probably be good for quite some time on a core i7 system. I don't really need to upgrade as soon as the new thing comes out. The only reason I'm upgrading now is because I've been forced to buy a new mobo anyway. :)
  5. Well, I ended up getting the setup that I was considering. I currently have it at 4.1 Ghz stable with max temp of 58! The performance is excellent. I am getting 60 frames per second in almost all games using only two of my gtx 260's. I have decided to sell my third GTX 260 because it is now practically useless. In most games, I am getting better performance with 2 cards then I was before with three... :P
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