Buying off ebay is a No No for EVGA

Make sure to ask for a Receipt if they are sending you the video card. The warranty isn't transferable. If they have it already registered then ask for username and pw, otherwise you only get 1 yr warranty from the time the user purchased.

I though I would put this up since I see some products on EBAY selling products for 200$ more than they cost and then screwing over customers.
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  1. IIRC, basically all graphics companies do not have transferable warranties.

    The only exception is XFX, which has the double lifetime warranty that transfers to the 2nd user if the original user registers within 30 days of the purchase.
  2. yeah I know but there are usually always ways around it. Frankly I sold many BFG cards and warranties just moved over. They dont really care....but just a warning because it also depends who u get over the phone.
  3. Yea I have to hand it to XFX when it comes to warranties. I landed a unregistered 780i for a meager $30 including ship. I later was able to rma so the working board only cost me $8.77 in shipping in exchange for the other board. So a working xfx 780i for $38.77 when they were going for $229 on Newegg with all but the I/O plate and door sign was a steal. :)
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