Samsung P2350 vs Samsung P2370H vs Acer H233H

Hi everyone. I'm having a little trouble picking out a new monitor. I have been looking at three models:

1) Samsung P2350:

2) Samsung P2370H:

3) Acer H233H:

They all meet my requirements and are all the same price, $219.99 CAD. Looking at the specs, they are pretty similar. I'm leaning towards the Acer H233H as it includes all 3 cables (VGA, DVI, HDMI), has some backup speakers (I'm not using them as my primary audio device as I have a headset, but it's nice to have them there), and I've always had good experiences with Acer monitors. I'm not a monitor expert, so any info on which one is better regarding features and specs is appreciated.

Another deciding factor on which one to buy is the warranty policy. I could not gather any clear information regarding warranty policies for either brand. The only info I got was that all but the Samsung P2350 have a 3 year warranty (The P2350 has a 1 year warranty).

I would like to thank you in advance for your responses. Also, feel free to recommend another monitor, but it has to have the following requirements:

- Must be around $200 CAD, the less, the better.
- At least 1080P resolution.
- 5ms or less response time.
- Reliable.
- Good warranty.
- DVI port. I would also prefer a HDMI port, but it is not absolutely necessary.
- Must be available at Future Shop, Best Buy, The Source, Memory Express, or Walmart. I do not want to purchase a monitor through an online retailer. Just in case something is wrong with the monitor, it's easy to return and exchange if bought locally, if bought online, I would have to pay for shipping and deal with the hassle of shipping, etc.
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  1. Timop said:

    Thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately I can't consider this monitor because they don't have a retail store in my area (Edmonton, Alberta) and as stated above, I do not want to order online.
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