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Best motherboard for AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition

I have finally decided to go with this CPU, purely for the sake of running multiple OS's through a virtualbox. What is the best motherboard out there for this particular CPU? I plan to put 6 gig of ram on it as well.

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    Mobo: Asus 870 Extreme 3. But more importantly:

    #1: Six (6) cores is only useful for video editing. I run virtualbox very well with an i7-930. An i7-950 is only $200 at Micro Center. Or save yourself some cash and get a Phenom II x4 955BE at Newegg or a Phenom II with a Micro Center deal (I'd get the x6 w/ mobo discounts there).
    #2: 6 Gigs of RAM usually means 2x2GB + 2x1GB. Use matching RAM like 2x2GB or 2x4GB for faster dual channel performance. Also, you'll need DDR3--so if you currently have 6 gigs from an old build--that's not very helpful.
    #3: You might want to throw your entire build out there--that way we can suggest entirely new parts that are more effective at your price point. Is it a gaming build? What are you planning on doing with it?
  2. Well I don't actually have a build to look at because I can't decide which CPU is best to start building off of. People point toward the i7-950 from micro center however wont that be outdated soon? The budget is 700-1000. Help me start?

    I was only planning to build a computer for

    A) the experience of choosing parts and such

    B) purely a productivity computer, only to run virtualbox and practice penetrating windows xp from my windows 7.
  3. Micro Center has the best prices for all CPUs. So if there's one nearby, it's where you should plan on buying.

    Well you could do that easily satisfy B) with a $500 Phenom II build. Are you planning on playing games? Do you already have a video card (or monitor, case, DVD drive)?

    And to be honest, you should wait until Intel fixes Sandy Bridge to build a new computer. A new generation of processors is coming out in the next couple weeks (only happens every 2 1/2 years), so if you can stand waiting, I'd start out with a new case, PSU, and graphics for my old computer right now.

    You can start looking for deals for those now. BTW, what's your old computer?
  4. I actually don't have an old computer, all I have is my mac laptop. I don't plan on playing games on it, and I have NOTHING else to start a build with, just a wad of cash lol.
    I kinda have to put a rush on this because its for my information security class and we have projects due soon haha. The micro center is only 30 mins from where I live and they have that chipset in stock!

    By the way, I PMed you.
  5. I got your message.

    The way I see it, any computer you build today, instead of three weeks from now, will be kind of obsolete in a couple months. Because of that, you should buy as cheap as possible or wait. Since the i7-950 is out performed by the i5-2500K that was selling for $229 before the Sandy Bridge recall, it's hard to recommend it.

    I'd recommend something more along the lines of the $109 ASUS M4A78LT-M LE and Phenom II x2 560BE bundle ( It will still blow the pants off of your macbook and you'll be able to afford a new build next year or sooner if you only spend $250 on this one (although you won't need to because this will be plenty fast).

    Keep in mind that you can reuse your OS, monitor, & DVD. And if you get a good PSU, case, & RAM--you can reuse that too. Then you'd just be spending $300 for an upgrade between CPU and motherboard next time. And all you'd be wasting is the $110 bundle. Hey, this plan sounds better than I thought it would :).
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  7. So I am basically in the same boat, except I have no pending project due. I would like a system that could edit video well (tho not sure how much i will actually use it for that) and I would like a system that could play games well (tho not sure how much i will actually use it for that).

    It may just stream netflix movies and be a music hub for me, but I want a pc that isn't a package deal from wal-mart or best buy (as that's all I've ever had), and I'd like to be able to build it myself, and I'd like it to be able to habdle whatever I need it to for a bit.

    I live in Oklahoma, so I don't have anything like a microcenter near by. I was looking at the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition because it seemed like 6 cores clocked decently high would be enough for a couple years of operation, i was wanting a motherboard that could take 2x4GB DDR3 RAM upgradeable to 4x4GB DDR3 RAM.

    I was thinking to get this case

    as it's cheap and seemed easy to work on. I'm sort of in the dark as to what sort of graphics card to get tho. If there are new processors and graphics cards due to be released soon that will change the sort of recommendations you would make, are there current processors and cards that are expected to drop in price that i should look at, or would the new ones be the ones to get? I too have a macbook i operate off of, my PC when it was still working was a HP Windows Media-Center Edition PC, I was not planning on using anything from it.

    I have a 23 inch acer monitor (that can do the 1920xwhatever resolution required for high-def) that i bought shortly b4 my pc died a year ago that I'd like to start using more again... possibly to watch blu-rays on if a opt for a blu-ray drive.

    I have some soso altec lansing 2.1 speakers.

    I was also looking at the Ultra LSP750 750-Watt Power Supply (below) b/c it seems like power supplies are important too but this one seemed good and cheap.

    pretty clueless tho, do i need smaller harddrives with higher RPM to run the OS on, or is that just what people did b4 computers were really fast... please help, not sure where to start. I'm thinking $700 is what i'd like to set as a limit.
  8. asus Sabertooth 990, crosshair v etc. Just get a BLACK socket AMD MOBO.
    1090T is better than the new FX CPU's IMO.
    Just go black socket 900 series mobo.
    Good Luck,
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