I have a 60 inch LCD i want to build a gaming pc to max out the moniitor burget

Like the title says 3500 bucks and a 60 lcd any suggestions will be welcomed!
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  1. 60 inch LCD? What does that mean? Is it a TV?

    For 1080P, you could spend $1000 and max out almost everygame,
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  3. ^
    I think he already has the 60 incher.
  4. Ya its big the the resolution is still only 1080P, so its not gonna cost more the 800-1000 for a complete PC. Hopefully your not sitting real close because with the size and the resolution you will see alot of pixels up close. I used a 42" once and found it nauseating sitting to close. Now I am setting up 3x23" for max resolution.
  5. i have an aquos 60 lcd 1080p 120hz, i wanted to build somthing similar to the area 51 alx but try to keep it at under 3500
  6. i was gonna try to get a set up from ewiz.com since they prebuild it, i def want an i7 , even that thermaltake level 10 case i just want the pc to look freakin awsome wen i play a game and play a blueray
  7. The ravens look super cool as well, but since you like the level 10.

    But are you sure you don't want to try build it yourself? Its cheaper, more fun, more flexible and you can make it look really good. Its not very hard either.
  8. timop you are definitly right i build my last pc about 5 years ago with premium parts and it recently died and i do remember the day all the parts came in from newegg, i even had my gf help me out and it did feel good at the end.
  9. Just be sure to set your HDTV to 60Hz mode when playing games.

    A 120Hz HDTV and 120Hz PC monitor are two different animals. Playing games on a HDTV in 120Hz or 240Hz mode will create input lag because the HDTV will be doing some video processing to "improve" image and motion quality.
  10. thats dissapointing , i would have thought it would look awsome with a 400 dollar video card
  11. I wouldn't use a 60-inch TV as a PC monitor.
  12. Hmm, I game on a 50" plasma TV at 1080p, and it definitely gives you that immersive feeling - not quite like a 3-monitor Eyefinity setup, but much better than my Dell 2707 monitor. Of course, I sit about 5 ft. away from the monitor, not across the room :P.

    However, text doesn't look that great on the TV so I would not use it as a primary monitor - good for graphics only...
  13. I think everything is great and all, except the thermaltek level 10, it is a very hot case and I mean temperature wise. Also its a bear to build in, I would suggest something with more functionality in mind, while keeping that futuristic and contemporary design in mind: http://www.eworldsale.com/ews_product_8661_40842.html
    Here's a review of the case:
  14. 30" LCD monitor ftw! (If only I could afford one)
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