1 cuda = how many stream processor?..

1 nvidia cuda processor = how many ati stream processor...
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  1. there really isn't a comparison based on number of cores, don't start a flame war
  2. Not starting a flame war....So that i can compare and buy the best one in my budget..
  3. Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart

    they do a best GPU for the money and have this wonderful chart every so often
  4. Thanx..And sorry if i have hurt you..
  5. AMAN1996 said:
    Thanx..And sorry if i have hurt you..

    well don't worry about, many people come here do this and start a flame war
  6. How is this starting a flame war ? Its a perfectly straight forward question. Its unsurported statements to the effect that one thing is better than another that generally start flame wars in my experiance.

    @ AMAN 1996,

    This should explain things clearly enough My personal take on it is 1:1

    Mactronix :)
  7. Thanx for the article..
  8. AMAN1996 said:
    Not starting a flame war....So that i can compare and buy the best one in my budget..

    Unless you are doing some GPGPU programming there is really no need to know the number of stream processors, as you would simply compare apples to oranges. Although the principles in both cards are similar, the architecture and hence the way they perform are completely different. Hence you will see one card performing better than the other in some games/applications, although it appears to have less stream processors than the other.

    If you are simply a gamer then the best way of comparing cards and budgets is through the myriads of benchmarks all over the internet. Even Tom has relevant benchmarks with custom resolutions to best fit your screen.
  9. Again thanx..
  10. Also depends on the software you're going to use. As of now, there are a lot more applications available for CUDA rather than ATi's Stream. OpenCL should help remedy this, but it would probably take a lot more time for apps to start using it.
  11. Just so you know I was wondering the same thing and I do write parallel programs address each of the processors on the card using CUDA. It seemed like a straight forward question to me too.
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