Computer won't power on when the graphic card is plugged in


i helped my friend build a system and everything was working fine until i plugged in the graphic card to the psu. Without the card plugged in, the computer turns on just fine but when i plug the graphic card in and turn on the system the fans spin one rotation then the system goes dead and i cannot turn on the computer for about 5 minutes of letting the computer be with the cord out even if the card is not plugged in

now i know that the most likely culprit is the psu but it seems like it would be enough but im no psu expert

He has a XFX Radeon HD5750 and this psu

is the psu the problem here?
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  1. It looks sufficient, have you verified that the GPU is firmly seated in its slot? And that the PCIe connectors are properly installed to the GPU?
  2. yeah everything was in place correctly, i just tested it out with my own gtx 285 and it powered up just fine so it was the graphic card, he is RMAing it right now thanks for your reply
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    NO! That PSU is absolutely fecal. Jonnyguru just reviewed an even "bigger" one, and found it was barely good for half its rating, and had horrible out-of-spec waveforms if loaded any more than that.

    Hopefully it didn't kill your friend's GPU.
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  5. Glad to help. Any of the Antec Earthwatts PSUs can handle that card, but I'd probably choose the 500W model for most efficient operation and some headroom. Corsair, Seasonic, and Enermax also make solid PSUs.
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