Need help with windows. Please help!

Hey guys i cant figure out how to make it to where when i stick a CD for drivers or what not in my disc bay, that it will ask me where i want to save it to. It always goes to my primary drive which my SSD and its really small. I made it to where Google Chrome will automatically save to my drive of choice, but cant figure where set windows up where it will ask me when installing something outside of chrome.
If you know the answer please take some time to tell me and post the steps to get there. I'm not to tech savvy, but trying to learn.
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  1. Drivers can usually only be installed to specific locations. Other applications will ask you as part of the installation process
  2. Ok if i end up getting a different SSD in the future and remove the one i have now will it automatically default to my HDD? which would be the only drive in my computer at that time until i install my other SSD?
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