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Hi Everyone

AS my previous topic points out, Ive been having some trouble with my processor and temperature recently so Ive decided to bite the bullet and make my first attempt at changing the the thermal compound from the standard Intel stuff. Ive ordered AS5 and i was wondering is this the correct way to apply AS5 on a E6500

Thank you expertise is more then greatly appreciated
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  1. Hello Celtic86;

    That method will work fine for your E6500.
    What cooler are you using?
  2. Center dot always works. If you want to be creative, use two parallel lines. However, you should note that AS5 takes some time to cure. Cheers.
  3. In my opinion, this is the best way to do it:
  4. If you have an exposed heat pipe type of cooler look at this method.
  5. its just the standard cooler, some people suggest spreading, other dont. which is best
  6. It all works out about the same.
  7. thanks, I'm really nervous about this, i hate messing with things inside my pc
  8. Just remember - less is more (better).
    And don't get any AS5 anywhere but on the CPU.
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