Is my cooling working right?

New build:

Storm Sniper case.

Corsair H50 Cooler. (Liquid)

Q9550 E0.

Ic diamond 24 carrot thermal compund.

Temps at load: (These are at stock!)

47C (Prime 95 after about a hour or two)

Temps at idle: 33C

Didi I set everything up right?
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  1. Yes, and I'll bet you already know that you have excellent temps!
  2. Right, but at stock?

    I was thinking stock would be at like 40C.

    So at liek 1.32V I would hopefully be under 60C?
  3. The H50's CPU temps run about 5C hotter than the better air coolers.

    My 920 runs in hi 30's just running browsers and office apps on a Megahalems at a 3.77 Ghz OC.
  4. Ok, Cool.


    1.3v at 60C?

    Or not?
  5. There are alot of bench marks for the H50 vs. air coolers, but I for one love my H50. Especially my load temps.

    955 BE 32C @ Idle, 40C at load.
  6. Yeh, I saw a used H50 for cheaps and couldn't pass it up....
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