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I saw that one but it seems that if there is a power outtage, the drive fails? Is there a way to avoid this? Does anyone know of a NAS Drive that is protected against something like this? Or one that is just better overall?

Just to make sure I am looking for the right thing here... I am looking for a harddrive that plugs directly into my Cisco E2000 router so I can access all those files (media mostly) from my Macbook Pro and Windows 7 PC.
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  1. Any drive may fail if it's running if there is a power failure. Get a UPS if you are worried about that.
  2. hang-the-9 said:
    Get a UPS if you are worried about that.

    That might not be the answer he's looking for as it is too obvious. :o
  3. You should not worry about that too much.

    If power outage during writing data to this NAS, then your data may corrupted, otherwise you are safe.
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