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I've a Sapphire Wonder TV PCI card which I've installed accordingly to the manual, I've downloaded the latests drivers and softwares from the manufacturer page, and I've installed it on my Win7x64 updated system.
When I start the app it just says: "Failed to initialize hardware error code #E0601009" and when you press accept it aborts to launch.
I've checked the device manager and the TV Tuner Card has an exclamation mark, in the properties it says: The device can not be started because Microsoft doesn't recognize the software, it may be mall-intentional software and should not be installed" so I've presumed a virus or something else but my ESS 4.2 doesn't see any viruses on it so I've discarded this idea.

What is happening here, what does that error means, what can I do then???????????

I need help, in the manufacturer page there is nothing about it, or at least I doesn't found anything relevant.

with a huge thanks in advance for anyone who can help me

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  1. OK I will try that, but what does the error means? May it be a BIOS conflict or another thing like that?? Should I Upgrade my BIOS???
  2. just in case the driver doesn't load (I cannot try it right now), what should I do???
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    Uninstall the driver AND the included software. Reboot your system. Windows should attempt to locate an appropriate driver for the device on reboot. If it does, go back into device manager and make sure the exclamation mark is gone.

    At this point, DO NOT install the included software. Instead, check to see if Windows Media Center see it (assuming you have Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate). If it does and works well, you're done. If it works but seems flaky or stutters (or Windows failed to find drivers on reboot), then attempt to install drivers from Sapphire (again, do NOT install the software app from Sapphire) and see if performance improves.

    Let us know how it goes.

    -Wolf sends
  4. First you need to give us more information even taking a picture of the card would be helpful. I know a few tricks to get ATI TV tuners to work but at least they work with third party software however drivers as in your case are difficult at best. The filtering on these really clean up the noise even for over the air broadcast look fairly good.
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  6. As I can see there is a problem with the app included by sapphire, but anyway I must try Wolfshadow reply and include a photo of my card as nforce4max advices
  7. Well I have XP and had the same problem with my sapphire capture card and did as follows:
    1)downloaded the direct X 9 and installedit (not the one that comes with the software)
    2) uninstalled the drivers and the software,
    3) restarted the computer and installed the drivers contained in the software provided with the card,
    4)restarted again and eureka!! the computer recognized the driver.
    5)then I installed the program and that was it!!
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