Silverstone ft02 pci cards not fitting correctly

I've recently built a new system using a silverstone ft02 case. After getting the motherboard screwed down after fighting with asus q-shield, the video cards don't line up with the screw holes of the case. Where you'd normally screw the video cards metal bracket doesn't line up with the screw hole of the case. I have to really push the bracket on the gpu towards the case and screw it in but there is a lot of pressure and it seems to be pulling the gpu out of its slot (slightly). I have actually had this problem with other cases and builds and i usually just force the gpu brackets into place and live with it. I'd really like these to just screw in and fit properly. Anyone have any advice?
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  1. I know that this thread is over three years old now, but as I had the exact same problem over two years ago when I originally built my current system, I thought I would post the solution in case anyone else experiences this. The FT02 is still a great case, especially for air cooling, and you can now get an updated USB 3.0 version.

    After contacting Silverstone directly, it looks as though that at some point (maybe at the factory), someone has carried this heavy case by hooking their hand into the top (probably into the hole for the top fan). This has bent the top part of the case up slightly making the screw holes misalign by a millimetre or two. All you have to do is to, carefully but firmly, press down onto the middle of the top part of the case (with the top grill removed of course). This should bend the case back to its original shape and the screw holes should align perfectly. This worked for me like a dream. I was so relieved, as this problem had delayed my build by more than two weeks (seriously) as I had no idea what to do about it. I hope that someone finds this helpful.

    Edit: Silverstone were originally aware of this problem with the Raven RV02 and sent me the following link. Click the + symbol next to "Q2" for the solution.
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