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Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I didn't know exactly where to post this.

Anyways, I'm on the market to find a good reliable hard drive docking station. If anyone can find me one. I don't care how it connects via usb 3.0/2.0 or esata just as it does the job I need it for.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. and what is the job you need it for? Lol.

    If you're moving a terabyte of data USB 2.0 will take forever. 2.5 or.3.5? SSD or HDD? External? Built into the case? In a 5.25 slot? hotswap or raid capable? Portable? IDE or SATA?
  2. I'm partial to the "toasters" for computer service and would get one with USB 3 and esata. But may not be the job you are thinking of.lots of other options


  3. Mainly want it for backup. My drives are large as 1 TB or greater. Have both SSD, and 3.5.

    My current case the thermaltake mk-1 chaser has one but I want the dock for other computers in the house. So far we've owned 3 external hard drives all are either full or not working. I thought it would be cheaper to get one of these and a internal 2 TB drive since its average price is 120 bucks. It seems smart to me
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