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1.) I have a bunch of hard drives that I am storing in static free hard drive cases. The room the drives are stored in gets in the 80's temperature wise, and I have no idea what the temperature is inside the hard drive cases. Is this too hot? What is the temperature range that drives should be stored to ensure that the drives do not get damaged?

2.) I have a bunch of my old static free bags that the drives came in that I'm no longer using since getting the static free storage cases. Just curious if there are any reasons to keep these, or should I just throw them away?

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    They will get much hotter than 80°F when in use, the average AIR temp in a computer in use is 100°F.

    Unless they are in the sun the temp wouldn't be any hotter in the cases as there is nothing in the cases generating heat. Probably actually cooler in there. No worries about that temp at all they can probably take double that while stored. You can look up their data sheet for manufacturer stated limits if you really feel like it.
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