Chasis fans in tandem

I wonder if anyone has mounted one chasis fan on the outside of the case where the other is mounted inside? Exhaust of the inner fan serving as the intake for the outer fan. How much would the volume of air being moved increase? There is no room for a slot fan nor a chasis fan inside the case.
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  1. A push pull setup for a case fan? Doesnt seem like it would boost airflow too much, unlike a heatsink, case fans arent usually too restrictive so i dont think a push pull would benefit you much.

    What would probably benefit you more would be replacing the case fans with better ones.
  2. There is always room for a fan or two :P roll a picture of your case up and We'll see what we can come up with for you, but Bump to hunter, no 'real' point in a pushpull on a case panel, but aesthetically it may work for you.
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