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i just ordered my new build and im getting a 5870 gpu.
i was thinking of either getting three 23-24 inch monitors or one of those $550 dell monitors cuz they are very nice.

please give me your suggestions on which way i should go
and if you can give me a selection of a few monitors that are good for gaming ( i prefer dell but doesnt matter)
im only looking to spend up 600 usd as im low on money or i would be getting three of the dell monitors
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    You probably want one or two monitors you can run through your GPU's DVI connectors- three monitors require displayport hardware, and the connectors were about $100 the last I checked.
  2. Dell (new ones) should have displayports though. There are a lot of decent makes, but if you want to go for 3D at a later date, get a decent 120hz monitor
  3. How much do the 120hz monitors cost And if you can please link one or two for me
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  5. You can only get stereoscopic 3d on ATI with 3rd party developers only.
    DDD only has 1 monitor it supports which is over $2000 if I remember right
    and IZ3D only supports one monitor witht heir system buts its more reasonable

    With Nvidia you need to buy the 3D vision kit. ~$200 along with a monitor from their qualified list
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