SSD making windows 7 slow down?

Ever since i moved from HDD to SSD i have been getting slow windows responses .... i have had 2 SSD, a Crucial m4 64gb and my current one, the ocz vertex 4 128gb. so when windows 7 is fresh installed, theres no lag, after i install all my software, about a month of 2 later, the blue wheel starts to spin for no reason. and now when i search for something the OS freezes(if u know what i mean) so do i have to fresh install windows again? or is there a simple solution. ive set it to AHCI . im running on a MSI h67a-g43(b3) motherboard and a intel i7 2600k on a stock cooler(h70 is at RMA) im running 12 gigs of ram, 2 kingston hyper x vengeance ram 8GB(2x4GB) and Corsair vengance ram (2x2GB) and a antec high current gamer 620w PSU, a Corsair 550d Case. and no HDD conencted. and a MSI Twin frozr2 gtx 560ti OCed
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  1. Try a few tools to check the SSD, like SSDlife.... paste the report here if something shows up.
  2. Have u switched on the TRIM function in Win 7 for ur SSD ? Seems like it's the culprit for ur case.

    Here are some useful youtube video posted by other
  3. U have to turn it on? It's not automatic?
  4. As far as i know, it is not.
  5. Well from experience, in the 7 SSD's I've installed Windows on, as long as you set your Sata Controller to AHCI, Windows will automatically set TRIM...but it's never a bad thing to check if it's turned on or not.
  6. Check for a firmware update, might help with your slow response.
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