I was just trawling Newegg today looking for some deals when I came across the Corsair 700D. Originally priced at 269.99, its now on sale for 189.99 with a 40 dollar rebate! With free shipping! I'm wondering how in the world the Egg can make the price so low unless there was a batch of bad cases? The same thing has happened before when Storm Sniper Black Edition cases were priced at 99.99; many cases had bad QC. Should I buy this or be wary?
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    buy it. if it doesnt work, return it. :)
  2. I dont think corsair would want newegg selling a ton of them off if there was a major QC issue, it would just make them look bad. They probably just made a deal with newegg, which seems to happen once in a while when a manufacturer wants to get a ton of stuff sold partly to get their name out there in that market.
  3. ah well thanks for your input
  4. its corsair...BUY THAT SUCKER! i saw that earlier today though.
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  6. lol
  7. Wow, I wish they would do this with the 800D, might be worth it to buy and put my own window in it, thats a CRAZY good deal.
  8. Well, I guess it wouldnt be too hard to mod the side and put some acrylic on it...drool...
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