Question about ST1000NM0011 vs ST1000DM003 vs Caviar black

Hello guys,
I have bought 2 ST1000DM003 drives as they are top perofrmers right now. The problem is they are affected with this dreade head parking issue : . I use them in RAID0 and i have updated them to lates firmware (CC4H) and the issue is still there. So i ve started to write to seagate and they propsoed me a replacement for ST1000NM0011 however i cannot find any comparison benchmarks of those drives. Thus i have a question - as we know ST1000DM003 is the top performer but could You guys tell me where can i find benchamrks of this constellation model? OR maybe i shoudl ask for refund and buy something else ? (on passmark the ST1000NM0011 has more points in benchmark tham caviar black ) . Please help ;)
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  1. You could try the replacement drives and run a benchmark test yourself to compare the speed.
  2. True but when i agree the replacement deal then there wont be turning back ; ) Thats why i ask for someone who mabe has an experience in using those drives.
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