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I have a Dell Precision 530 (old tech) and i need to know what type of graphics card can it support ? It has an AGP slot and currently i got an NVDIA FX 1100 in it. Can my systeem support this card : VisionTek Radeon 3650 1 GB DDR2 AGP ?
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  1. If the card supports AGP 4x that the slot on your motherboard has it will work.
  2. might not be worth it, if your CPU is ancient, it will not push the 3650 to it's potential...
  3. what CPU are you using?
  4. @jonpaul37: it's an Intel Xeon (2.4ghz)x2 processors.

    @rolli59: so will this work on my system ?
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    According to the specs I linked to it will work and according to DELL
    It will accept AGP x4 cards.
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  7. Thanks :) I'll just get this card then.
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